Tom's Tears
Tom's Tears
Tom's Tears
Tom's Tears
Tom's Tears
Tom's Tears

Ethicool Kids' Books

Tom's Tears


Meaningful children’s books for little eco-warriors

Ethicool books don’t just teach kids, they reach out to their imaginations in a beautiful way, giving them the ultimate ability to save the world and thrive, one page at a time.

If you know little ones who have been asking questions about the environment or life’s bigger issues, Ethicool books are the PERFECT way to introduce these ideals in a simple, fun and modern format.

  • Full of informative, helpful text about subjects that aren’t widely taught
  • Based on a mission to create a better world through our children
  • Printed on recycled or sustainably-sourced paper and with soy-based inks
  • Made to last (even in the hands of the wildest toddlers!)

What you'll find in "Tom's Tears" ...

"When Tom hurts himself skateboarding, Oliver rushes over to comfort him, but notices something strange. Tom should be crying, but he isn't.

Join Tom and his best friend, Oliver, as they go on an adventure to rediscover Tom’s tears … and the more sinister reason why he’s lost them in the first place.

This moving and poignant book strikes right at the heart of how we talk to children about their emotions and particularly, who can show them and how.

Written by Teigan Margetts and illustrated by Alvin Mulyono."


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