Tiny Worry Dolls
Tiny Worry Dolls
Tiny Worry Dolls

The Worry Doll Shop

Tiny Worry Dolls


A team of tiny worry dolls to carry worries away

Legend has it that when the Mayan Princess Ixmucane felt overwhelmed, the sun god gave her a gift: her very own worry doll. She whispered to it her worries and anxieties and kept it under her pillow at bedtime. While sound asleep, the doll carried her worries away.

These beautifully crafted traditional worry dolls are:
  • Sourced from a family-owned business (Fair Trade ensured)
  • Made from natural materials (cloth and wood)
  • Perfectly sized to fit in a pocket, or lunch bag
  • A natural way to help children overcome anxiety, stress and fear
  • A unique and thoughtful gift for kids

Today, worry dolls are given as gifts to little Princesses and Princes across the globe. These dolls become their companions and give them inner strength to let their worries go.

NOTE: Not suitable for very small children due to choking hazard. Worry dolls are a wonderful companion, but please reach out to a mental health professional if you feel your child needs a little extra helping hand.


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