Organic Cotton Face Wipes
Organic Cotton Face Wipes
Organic Cotton Face Wipes

Nature's Child

Organic Cotton Face Wipes


Natural organic cotton face wipes - 2 pack

Perfect for keeping the entire family clean, these organic face wipes will handle everything from cleaning messy baby food from dribbly mouths to effective and gentle makeup removal.

  • 100% compostable and biodegradable double layered terry towelling
  • Soft on delicate skin with no artificial additives
  • Easy to clean - just add to your regular washing load
  • Save money by washing and reusing again and again - no need to keep buying bulky packs of synthetic wipes

Fantastic alternative to disposable wipes if you’re interested in running an eco-friendly household.

Easy to take out and about - pop them wet or dry in a small container and you’re ready to go!


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