Organic Baby Powder (100g)
Organic Baby Powder (100g)

Nature's Child

Organic Baby Powder (100g)


Certified organic talcum-free baby powder

Keep your family’s skin feeling comfortably dry and seriously refreshed with this versatile talcum-free baby powder that’s suitable for any age group (even mums and dads!).

  • Made from just 3 natural ingredients: tapioca, white clay and 100% pure lavender essential oil
  • 100% talcum-free
  • 100% ACO certified organic
  • Part of an award winning baby skincare range

Perfect for refreshing little and big bodies when a wash isn’t needed and can be used to keep sensitive spots dry like the nappy area, under arms, under breasts and other hidden areas.

NOTE: We suggest completing a patch test before first use to avoid potential allergic reactions.


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