May Gibbs Khaki Gumnut Wash Cloth
May Gibbs Khaki Gumnut Wash Cloth


May Gibbs Khaki Gumnut Wash Cloth


Wash cloths make a perfect gift for newborns and the whole family.

Our wash cloths are made using a digitally printed cotton front and are backed with a woven 70% bamboo 30% cotton terry towelling.  Each wash cloth measures approximately 19 cm x 19 cm and is top stitched for durability.  You will love how soft and thick they feel, and how gentle they are on the skin.


We use woven bamboo on our wash cloths. It’s thick and thirsty and great for keeping those hands clean and for comfort during bath time. Bamboo is naturally anti bacterial, anti fungal and odour resistant. It helps reduce bacteria that thrive on clothing and skin. And best of all, it becomes more absorbent after a few washes.

Wash Cloth Features

  • Measures 19 cm x 19 cm
  • Premium printed cotton fabric
  • Bamboo/Organic cotton woven towelling
  • Absorbent and Soft
  • Machine Washable, tumble dry on low



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