Winter Blues Vapour Balm (75ml)
Winter Blues Vapour Balm (75ml)
Winter Blues Vapour Balm (75ml)
Winter Blues Vapour Balm (75ml)

Little Innoscents

Winter Blues Vapour Balm (75ml)


Soothing certified organic vapour rub

This natural vapour balm is perfect for soothing those winter blues and helping alleviate the discomforts of cold and flu in little ones.

  • Crafted with jojoba oil, shea butter and beeswax for ultimate comfort
  • Infused with eucalyptus, winter green, rosemary, spearmint, lemon and lavender essential oils that may help promote relief from stuffy noses and coughs
  • Free from nasty petrochemicals like petroleum and turpentine oil
  • Made in Australia with an Australian Certified Organic (ACO) rating

Safe to use on delicate skin by simply applying a small amount externally to the chest, neck or soles of feet.

NOTE: We suggest completing a patch test before first use to avoid potential allergic reactions.


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