Gum & Tooth Wipes
Gum & Tooth Wipes
Gum & Tooth Wipes

Jack N Jill

Gum & Tooth Wipes


All natural 100% biodegradable baby gum and tooth wipes

It’s never too early to give your children the best gum and tooth care, even if they’re not yet ready for a toothbrush.

Safe for use on newborns (full mouth and dummy cleaning), young children or even for teenage and adult teeth cleaning touch ups.

  • All natural, safe ingredients - pure xylitol and purified water
  • No fluoride, sugar or parabens
  • Made from soft, steam sterilised, gently textured, biodegradable cotton material
  • Individually wrapped for high level hygiene and convenience
  • Neutral flavour for a pleasant taste sensation

NOTE: Dispose immediately after use and please do not flush down toilets.


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