Freeze Dried Mango Bites
Freeze Dried Mango Bites
Freeze Dried Mango Bites

Forager Foods

Freeze Dried Mango Bites


Mouth-watering mango snacks

These Aussie-made packs of delectable freeze dried mango are brought to you by Forager Foods with little mouths in mind. That doesn’t mean they don’t make fantastic snacks for the office drawers as well.

  • No gluten, sulphur, added sugar, artificial/added colours or flavours - 100% mango - no more, no less
  • Sweet, crunchy, crisp and sure to please fussy eaters
  • With 145g of pure fresh mango goodness in each bag, you and your little ones will be getting a full daily serve of fruit
  • 2 year shelf life means you can stock up and use them in smoothies or other creations...or just snack straight from the bag


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